Monday Musings.

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’re all ready for Christmas this week… or having a wonderful Hanukkah. Whatever applies, go with it. We’ve been having a pretty busy month so I just wanted to pop in with some random musings about what we’ve been up to lately on this lovely Monday morning.

Since we open our presents as a family on Christmas morning we don’t typically buy Hanukkah presents but this year I couldn’t resist this Hanukkah set and she really loves it. If you’re in the market for something like this I highly recommend the KidKraft Wooden Chanukah Set. It’s a sturdy, wooden toy and it comes with everything you see there plus a bag to store it all in. I haven’t decided if we’ll leave this out all year or not but my feeling right now is probably not so that when next Hanukkah comes around we actually have all the pieces to the toy but we’ll see.

Sydney's new Hanukkah toy

Sydney’s new Hanukkah toy

Friday night we had some family time with the in-laws. We celebrated “Family Hanukkah” and we all had a wonderful time. Sydney was more than spoiled by her wonderful Aunts and she loved all the attention (& gifts!) she got. She got the coolest symphony toy – there are 13 instruments that you add to the symphony and depending on which instruments you add your music will sound different. Sydney is loving that toy – she really loves music. She also got a play kitchen for Grammies house (since she has one at home) and she was so excited about that she played with that instead of really eating dinner (although, like a good little girl, she ate her Latkes). After Sydney was asleep we played Cards Against Humanity and it was riot! That game is seriously so funny and so much fun to play.

Friday night.

Friday night.

Sunday I woke up a little under the weather and wanted some good chicken soup for dinner so I threw this crockpot meal together that I had recently saved to Pinterest… and fail. It called for a whole onion – which I should have really known would have been too much onion. And then it called for chicken broth, which I thought I had, except I had chicken stock and that’s not the same thing at all… apparently. So it just didn’t turn out right and it was a huge disappointment especially after smelling it cooking all day. Because it smelled pretty good, but it tasted terribly.

Pinterest Fail.

Pinterest Fail.

At least I got to spend the day cuddling with this little girl. I think she’s feeling a tad under the weather as well because she did a lot of laying on the couch with me this weekend which is pretty unusual, but I’m not complaining because her snuggles make me feel so much better.

Me and my girl

Me and my girl

I hope you all had a good weekend! Happy Monday friends.


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