Tasty Tuesday: Mini Pies

If you’re looking for a cute and delicious dessert for your Christmas dinner then I am here with your solution. Mini Pies. I made these for Thanksgiving and they were a little bit of work but they were so worth it. I like several types of pie but on a big meal day like Thanksgiving and Christmas there is no way I can have a taste of each kind of pie that is available so this year I had the genius idea of making mini pies so that I could have a tiny bit of all three kinds of pie I was making and not feel too guilty about eating three kinds of pie. They do take a little bit of work but if I made one type instead of three it may have not been so much work. I saved some time by using store bought ingredients and also because who has time to make pie from scratch? Not a working mom that’s who.




Pie filling and Pie crust. I like to keep it simple folks.

I made cherry, apple, and pumpkin.

I needed 2 cans of filling for the cherry and apple to make 24 cupcake pies, but 1 can of pumpkin makes enough for 24 cupcake pies.

I did follow the recipe for pumpkin pie on the back of the Libby’s Pumpkin mix because it’s a good recipe for Pumpkin Pie in case you’re looking for a good recipe for it.

What you need.

  • Rolling pin
  • Circle cutter


  • Roll out your pie crust and cut the crust in small circles a little larger than your cupcake tin size.
  • Fill your cupcake tins with your circle crusts
  • Fill the crust with pie filling
  • Cut some of the crust scrap to make lattices or decorations for the pie.
Before and After.

Before and After.

I baked the pies for close to the time recommended by the cans/directions. You will need to keep an eye on them because individually they are smaller than a full size pie so they won’t need all of the recommended time, but it’ll be close.

All ready to eat.

All ready to eat.


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