Happy Friday!

Hey there! Happy Friday. I hope you guys have had a good week – mine has been good, it’s felt really long but overall it’s been a pretty good week! Work is busy, life is busy, life with a toddler is fun and a little crazy and well I haven’t had much to say around here in a lot longer than I would like. Sorry about that… definitely, my bad. So what’s up? A lot, but also nothing at the same time. Mostly just run of the mill life stuff…

Two weeks ago I became an Aunt for the first time and I have to say I love it. When I was pregnant with Sydney I loved her from the second I found out we were having a baby and that love grew and grew until she made her entrance in to the world and my heart nearly exploded with all the love I felt for her. We had been patiently (& then not so patiently when she was a week late) waiting for baby H to come in to this world and she finally made her appearance with some force but she’s here, she’s healthy, and she’s amazing. I can’t believe how much love I have for that little nugget already but boy am I glad she’s apart of our lives and our family. I have been in Heaven with her in my arms (the fever is real folks!)

Sydney meets Baby H for the first time.

Sydney meets Baby H for the first time.

Sydney was enamored with her the first day (seriously. that face. she was amazed that the baby we’ve been talking about for months was a real baby!) and then we gave her a new baby doll “from baby H” and she was more excited about that than anything. By Sunday she was helping Grammie feed the baby and then wanted to take her own turn with “holding” the baby. It was adorable. Sydney actually sat really still with her and did not want to let her go for a second. I have no doubt that these two will grow up to be the best of friends. I can hardly wait to see them actually play together.

Shopping with Nana

Shopping with Nana

Sydney and I had a girls day with my mom – we did a little shopping. While I was browsing, my mom was in charge of keeping an eye on the toddler running amuck… I turned around and this is what I saw. I remember FREAKING my mom out when I was little by playing in the racks of clothes while she shopped but now apparently my mom thinks it’s awesome. I have a feeling Sydney is going to pay me back tenfold now that she thinks this is a game!

Shopper in training.

Shopper in training.

Sydney was quite the little helper when we were out shopping with my mom. She took that bag from me and wanted to carry it… for like a minute. And then she wanted it in the stroller. Not on the handle, but in the seat. So then I was pushing around a shopping bag while she ran around like a crazy person. I’m sure we were a sight to see!

Helping Papa with the snow!

Helping Papa with the snow!

We got some snow earlier this week and Sydney was a delighted big helper as my ILs shoveled out their driveway. I hate the snow very much and I have this fear that this little girl will love it so much that we will be out playing in it every chance she gets. Anything to make her happy… as long as I can get some hot chocolate as a reward haha!

That's how glasses work...

That’s how glasses work…

Sydney has been playing (much to her chagrin) with my MILs glasses… she likes to wear them & then “work” on the computer (while she’s really watching Mickey Mouse Club House… preferably her favorite Minnie episode!). Thankfully, MIL only uses reading glasses so they’re just magnifiers but we do try to encourage her to NOT play with them on her eyes so they don’t do any damage and also so she doesn’t think glasses are toys since there are quite a few of us who need them for real!

So that’s what’s up around here… exciting right? I know you wish you had my exciting life! What’s been going on with you… I’d love to hear from you!


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