On Wednesdays We Dress Up.

Actually, it’s more like we dress up as soon as we come home. For Christmas my Dad and I made Sydney a dress up closet of her very own. She’d never shown an interest before, but it was a good project and I figured that eventually she would come to enjoy it. We filled it with cheap jewelry (& daddy got her a special Minnie jewelry box) and clearance Halloween costumes (princesses of course!)

We re-arranged the living to incorporate all the new fun toys Sydney got for Christmas and to put away some of the older, younger toys that she really hasn’t played with in a while. It was a sad day for Mama but I was really excited about playing dress up with her one day.

And that day finally came! She started pulling her dresses out and putting on the skirts. I had to help her a little bit (much to her dislike because Sydney likes to do stuff herself!) but once she was in the dress she did not want to get out of it.

She's the princess.

She’s the princess.

I asked her if she was the princess & she immediately replied YES! and then did a little twirl for me. It was adorable.

One evening she handed me her skirt to wear… yeah, right. I’m little but I’m not toddler sized. So I put it on my head as a hat… and she did the same with hers.

Skirts or hats. Either way, it's fun!

Skirts or hats. Either way, it’s fun!

She’s really starting to get in to pretend play and I’m definitely enjoying it & looking forward to many years of playing dress up with my girl!



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