She’s a big girl.

I’ve been prepping Sydney’s room (cleaning it, really) to make it safer (i.e. make sure there is less that she can mess) when she was finally transitioned into the toddler bed. That time finally came.

Big helper.

Big helper.

Friday after work I got straight to work transitioning her crib to her big girl bed. She was pretty excited about “my bed” and wanted to help get it put together. I had kind of been putting that off because I thought maybe it would be a pain to change the crib to a toddler bed. I was surprised at how easy it was. It would have been easier if I had actually read the instructions correctly and didn’t take off the entire front of the crib only to have to put 2 pieces back on so that I could add the bottom rail.



Sydney LOVED her new bed. She ran around yelling about “my bed” and was having a wonderful time jumping in and out of it and throwing all her friends out of the bed.

I thought for sure that meant she would end up playing all night in it instead of sleeping in it.

Wrong. She actually slept in it. I went about her normal bed time routine and read her stories – in bed, which is much nicer than reading them on the floor, then I tucked her in and prayed a little prayer that things would go smoothly. She’s been having some weird issues (maybe?) about bed time and not wanting to go “night night” so really it could have gone so much worse.

She did cry for a little longer than normal, which I expected, but she also slept later than normal which is something I did not expect. And something I was so happy about – except for the fact that I am not apparently conditioned to wake up around 7 so I just laid in bed quietly until she got up around 8:30.

Big girl room.

Big girl room.

My baby isn’t so much of a baby anymore. I’m sad about it, but also kind of excited about this toddler world we’re living in (when toddler world isn’t having a melt down, that is).



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