Fit Friday. Insanity Max: Month 1, Week 3.

Week 3! Week 3! Week 3!

The end of Month 1 is in sight. It’s actually a little hard for me to believe that I’m almost done with this first month. But I am and I’m still pumped about this workout program. I feel really awesome and I’m totally kicking ass. I’m really glad I started even though I didn’t really think I’d actually be able to keep up with exercising every single week day.

Cardio Challenge.

Cardio Challenge.

Cardio Challenge.

Max out: 12:58.

I’m definitely making progress here. I mean, hello, last week I maxed out at 8:05 and this week I made it almost FIVE minutes longer. That is some serious progress. And I’m barely following the modifier. I feel like I’m on top of the world here.

Tabata Strength.

Tabata Strength (Day 1)

Tabata Strength (Day 1)

Max out: 14:30

I thought Tabata Power was hard. OH MY. Tabata Strength has that beat, for sure. It was an unexpected change half way through the month (as in, I wasn’t prepared for what was coming but I knew it was coming). I’m a little disappointed that I can’t keep trying to make progress on those plyo push ups that were getting me in Tabata Power but I’m excited for this new challenge. My legs were definitely feeling it after this work out.

Sweat Intervals.Max out: 13:45

Yeah. That happened. I noticed I have been doing more real push ups instead of knee push ups this week. I don’t think I’ve ever really been able to do a whole bunch of real push ups so that is some definite progress in my life. I’m trying to push myself harder so that I can see some really good results and it is working.

Tabata Strength.

Tabata Strength (Day 2)

Tabata Strength (Day 2)

Max out: 15:50

Oh that thumbs up? Is because I made it HALF WAY BABY!! I’m so proud of myself. Tabata Strength is definitely H-A-R-D but I was able to push myself to a new level and that makes all the hard worth it. Here’s to moving up and going farther!

Friday Night Fight. Round 1.Max out: 12:35

Well, this one kicked my ass. I really did not want to do this workout because it was late and I was tired… but I did it and in the end I was happy that I laced up and pushed play. I felt good afterwards, tired and sore, but both are good things in my book these days.

Overall thoughts.

I ended up working out in the morning this week. We had some things going on in the evenings and I knew that if I had any hope of getting my workout done then I would have to wake up and push play. It was a struggle to get out of bed every morning because beds are so nice and warm and Shaun T was out there waiting to kick my behind in a serious way. I noticed I felt way more energized during the day since I started my day with a workout. I really wish I had the motivation to do this every morning, but I get up so early as it is that it really isn’t in the cards for me. Maybe one day I won’t have to wake up so early and this can be the way I start (almost) all my mornings. I was glad to put this week behind me. Tabata Strength gave me an unexpected challenge, but it also pushed me past that half way mark. I was really looking forward to making similar progress in Week 4 even though it means pushing harder and working harder I’m ready for it.

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