Happy Haircut.

Over the weekend I took Sydney for her first hair cut. I wasn’t too sold on the idea that she really needed a hair cut because it took her so long to get hair and it really wasn’t all that long yet anyway. But it was a bit on the unruly side so I finally agreed that maybe she did need one. I took her to Cartoon Cuts because they are really geared towards kids and I wanted an environment that she would more than likely be comfortable in since I had no idea how she would do during the hair cut.

It was pretty empty because we got there around 11, so she didn’t have a wait long to get her hair cut which was really nice. They also had her very favorite show on all the TV’s – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I think that helped keep her happy, although since it was on about six TVs around the salon it did not keep her all that still. The guy cutting her hair did a really good job moving with her and I was pretty impressed that her hair was straight when he was finished because she really did move a lot.

First hair cut.

First hair cut.

At first she seemed a little apprehensive but she sat there and let the guy cut her hair without any tears or any real whining so that was a plus. Eventually she settled down and watched the TV that was right in front of her. I was impressed with how relaxed she seemed about the whole thing, but it really didn’t take too long so I don’t know that she had a whole lot of time to get too antsy.

First hair cut.

First hair cut.

I’m a little sad that she looks more and more like a big girl these days. I did love that little baby face that came with the unruly, uncut hair.

First hair cut. Before and After.

First hair cut. Before and After.

After actually getting her hair cut I can agree that she really needed it. I’m also hoping that having it cut will make it healthier so that it will grow a bit faster….or at least more even!


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