I Couldn’t Live Without.

This week I’m joining a brand new link up with Lindsay over at the Pursuit of Pink talking all about what I couldn’t live without. This week, since we’re in the midst of a huge snow storm, I’m talking about some things I couldn’t live without while I’m trapped inside by the snow.

First. This girl. She is loving the snow we’ve been getting and it’s so fun to be experiencing it with her. It’s so cute to see her waddle around in her snow suit. I won’t really miss the snow when spring finally rolls in but I will miss her excitement over “outside snow.”

My snow bunny.

My snow bunny.

Wine. Because duh. And this is currently one of my favorite reds to enjoy. If you haven’t had Apothic Wine I highly suggest you give it a shot.. Some snacks. Because how do you get stuck inside the house for (what feels like) forever without some yummy food to keep you company. I’m all about indulging my sweet tooth with some ice cream or giving in to my salty side with some pop corn. I’ve also recently gotten quite addicted to almonds (wasabi soy sauce is my current fave flavor). And when all else fails bake some cookies or brownies because nothing makes a house smell better than the smell of baked goods.

What are you snowed in essentials? I’d love to hear how you’re dealing with all this snow.

7 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Live Without.

  1. We don’t have a ton of snow, but it has been COLD COLD COLD! I just got a delivery of Girl Scout cookies so those have been my snowy day treat ๐Ÿ™‚

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