I Couldn’t Live Without

I really enjoyed the link up last week with Lindsay over at Pursuit of Pink  and found some fun new blogs to read so I’m here with something else I couldn’t live without….


Coffee = Love.

Coffee = Love.

Because it is definitely what keeps me going these days. The last two weeks I’ve really had a hard time both falling asleep and staying asleep. My mind is apparently on overdrive and will not turn off which makes it incredibly hard for me to fall asleep and then I guess I’m more of a light sleeper these days than I used to be because it seems like something will wake me up half-way through the night. So I’m going to bed later than I want to be and waking up at least once a night and then I am up for the day at 5:30.

Which means in the morning I am all about coffee.



I really do enjoy a good cup of coffee. I used to be very much just about getting the caffeine into my system without tasting the coffee but recently I’ve been adding less and less creamer to my coffee and enjoying more of the flavor of good coffee than I used to. Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy a good Pumpkin Spice Latte or a Peppermint Mocha when they’re in season and I always enjoy a nice cold White Chocolate Mocha but those are getting to be a little on the sweet side for me so I’ll tend to order my drinks “skinny” at Sbux these days. Either way, I still enjoy my coffee because I don’t know how I’d get through the day without that first, second, or sometimes third cup.

And with that… I’m off in search of another cup this morning.


7 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Live Without

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