I couldn’t live without

Here we are for another round of I couldn’t live without link up with Lindsay at the Pursuit of Pink. I am really enjoying this link up because it is helping me to really focus on being grateful for the little things in life. Not to say that I’m only grateful for one thing each week because that is far from the truth but it is nice to talk about something a little random with a lot of purpose each week. I have also really enjoyed the new blogs to read and discovering new things loved by the other girls participating in the link up.

Last week I was raving about coffee. Because duh. And the week before I was bemoaning about a snow day and how I can’t live without wine to get me through that.

This week it’s all about my love of chapstick.

My favorite.

My favorite.

You will rarely find me going anywhere to far from my chapstick. There is chapstick on my desk at work, in my purse, next to the bed, and if I don’t have my purse it’s in my pocket. My lips get so chapped especially in the winter. Maybe it’s from the chapstick, some people say that it really makes your lips more chapped, but I don’t believe it. I just like to have really soft lips so that’s why I use so much of it.

Hello childhood.

Hello childhood.

Sydney is also really fond of chapstick. I’m sure it’s because she sees me use it all the time but she loves it. Recently I found her some Lip Smacker chapstick, in bubble gum, and as soon as I opened it I was transported back to my childhood with my kit-n-caboodle filled with all my “makeup” and especially my bubble gum Lip Smacker.

A word of advice though… if you value your chapstick don’t give it to Sydney because she’ll will definitely ruin it.

What can’t you live without? What’s your favorite item this week?


2 thoughts on “I couldn’t live without

  1. I don’t think I could live without chapstick either! I’m just like you in that I need chapstick near me at all times just in case. I’ve had times where I’ve forgotten to bring my chapstick with to work, and the whole day my lips are killing me! My personal favorite is Burt’s Bees, but I may have to try out some of the kinds you mentioned =)

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