Monkey Joes

A couple weekends ago my mom came over for the afternoon and we found ourselves at Monkey Joes to let Sydney run off some energy. I’ve been wanting to take her for some time, but hadn’t gotten around to it before now and I’m really glad we went. She had a blast!

I can't even explain this face.

I can’t even explain this face.

They have an area dedicated for kids 1-3. We didn’t visit that area because it was really small & just had some toys in it so we stuck to the bounce houses. There is also one that is supposed to be just for the little ones, but there were some bigger kids from time to time though they didn’t really stick around because they seemed to realize there were a lot of little ones + parents and not much space to jump around.

I did like the fact that I could go with Sydney into these structures. It took her some time to warm up and I think that if we weren’t allowed to go with her that she would not have enjoyed herself at all.

Big slide!

Big slide!

After spending some time in the bounce house Sydney seemed intrigued by the tunnel system. I couldn’t convince my mom that Sydney wanted Nana to crawl around in there with her so I headed up there with her. She was a little tentative at first because it was weird, I guess, but once she figured out what to do she was all about it.

Fun times in the tunnel

Fun times in the tunnel

I did tell her we were only allowed to go through it once because I don’t think my knees could have gone through more than that. She loved the slide at the end though and really her exclamations of “fun!” and “whee” would have been enough to get me through it again if she really wanted to… thankfully, there was food to distract her so my knees were saved for another day.

Tunnel slide.

Tunnel slide.


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