I couldn’t live without.

I’m here for another link up with Lindsay over at the Pursuit of Pink talking all about things I couldn’t live without.

This week, and basically every day, I couldn’t live without water. & my water bottle. & my water flavor drops.

My favorite water bottle.

My favorite water bottle.

I am constantly armed with this water bottle. I have had it for almost 10 years and that is no exaggeration. I remember buying it after Steve and I moved out in to our first home together and that was after I graduated college and that was in 2005. So yeah…. maybe it’s time for a new one, but I love this one so much that it’s hard to part with.

Mio drops.

Mio drops.

Another obsession, to go with my water, is Mio. From the regular, to the energy, to the fit. I have a collection of flavors at the house. I don’t always drink water with flavor, because I only put plain water in my water bottle, but sometimes it is nice to drink have a little flavor with my water.

other water flavoring

other water flavoring

I also keep some other, non-Mio, flavors on hand. My favorites are these lemonade flavors – pink lemonade is a real favorite of mine but I also like this Crystal Light black raspberry lemonade too.

I’ve always been a big water drinker, but because sometimes I enjoy having a drink with a little flavor I would turn to juice or soda. Lately though, I’ve tried to lead a healthier life (hence Fit Friday) so I’ve tried to drink less sugary drinks just to get a flavor and I turned to these flavor drops and fell completely in love. Even though I haven’t given up soda (or coffee for that matter) completely it is nice to know that I’m still able to have a flavorful drink while maintaining a healthier lifestyle.


2 thoughts on “I couldn’t live without.

  1. This is ME TOO! I drink SO much water. I carry around a bottle to pour it from a gallon. and I always have tons of different flavorings on hand because sometimes I just get sick of drinking over a gallon of plain water a day! 🙂

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