Fit Friday. Insanity Max: Month 2, Week 3.

Whew! Week three. I feel amazing. And also I can’t believe that next week is the last week of this program. This week wasn’t nearly as hard as last week was but don’t mistake that for me thinking this week was easy on me. Because it wasn’t. This week was hard, but it wasn’t killing me like last week did.

Max Out Cardio.

Max Out: 13:40

Cardio kicked my butt this week but I got so much further than last week. From 12:16 to 13:40 and I feel awesome about that increase. It feels so great to really see so much progress in such short periods of time.

Max Out Power.

Max Out: 12:32

I’m really struggling with this one. I cannot get past this 12:32 mark. I’m not sure what is making this particular workout hard for me to progress but something about it is kicking my ass for real. I just couldn’t get past last weeks max out time but I’m hoping that next week I can get through those dreaded plyo push ups!

Max Out Sweat.

Max Out: 12:58

Intense and sweaty are two of my favorite words to describe this one. I love how sweaty I get with this workout which sounds really gross but there’s just something about feeling really awesome and extra sweaty after a really good workout.

Max Out Strength. 

Max Out: 12:15

Surprisingly I was able to rock the push ups today. And they even seemed easier. Which is like a kick in the face because on Tuesday I was having such a hard time with those push ups. I’m happy that last week I maxed out at 9:05 but this week – a full 3 minutes and 10 seconds later – I was maxing out at 12:15. That’s a great increase & I’m super proud of that.

Friday Night Fight: Round 2.

Max Out: 12:30

And just like that this week is over. My legs were pretty sore by the end of the week but I managed to push through and increase by 2 minutes over last week. I found I was loving the ab exercises this week for some reason.

Overall thoughts.

I feel like I’m getting so much better as the week progresses. I’m also taking less breaks which really tells me that overall I’m getting stronger and that I’m getting in to amazing shape. I can’t wait to take my picture at the end of the next week and actually see how far I’ve come.

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