Little moments.

There are a lot of reasons that I write this blog. Most of them center around remembering moments in time. From a trip to an outing to the random, ordinary life events. I enjoy having this blog as a collection of those memories. In the spirit of remembering the little moments I’d like to share some little moments about Sydney that I hope I never forget.

I want to remember…

…the way she calls bath time bubbles

…that she loves taking bubble baths

dress up

dress up

…that she loves to play dress up

…that she calls her dress up shoes “glass slippers” and it is adorable

glass slippers

glass slippers

…that she can walk better in her tiny heels than I feel like I can in my adult heels

…that she takes great joy in picking out “necks” (necklaces) for all of us

…that sometimes she calls herself “Syd” but she can say “Sydney” too

…that she loves her cowgirl dress even though Daddy bought her a Minnie dress that we thought for sure would be her favorite

…that when I ask her if she is the princess she says yes

…that sometimes she will twirl for you because that’s what a princess would do

…that she thinks playing with me is fun & she will say so (mommy fun!)

My girl

My girl

…that I love that she thinks I’m fun because sometimes I have to be mean mommy because that’s what a parent does

…that she says “lilly max” as if they’re one dog & she says they are her friend

…that she is so very cute with her baby dolls

Sydney loves her babies

Sydney loves her babies

…that she is exceptional with her baby cousin Hadley & she loves her so very much

…that I already know she’ll be a good mom one day

…that she’ll tell you all day “no night night” even if you haven’t mentioned “night night” once

…that she calls Pete Papa Dude and he loves it

…that even though she loves going to Grammie’s during the day she doesn’t want me to leave (Mommy no work; Mommy no leave… it’s kind of heartbreaking to hear every morning but it does make me feel good)

…that she loves Minnie Mouse

…how she will say sorry and will kiss your booboo even if she is the reason you have a booboo

…that she is curious and interested and simply amazing

…that I am so lucky to be her Mama

I'm the lucky one.

I’m the lucky one.



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