Fit Friday. Insanity Max: Month 2, Week 4.

And just like that I made it to Week 4 and did not die like I thought I might during my first week. This was almost the easiest week for me simply because I have gotten so much better and so much stronger than I was during that first week. Let’s get right to this weeks recap because I’ll have another, more detailed post about my overall thoughts about this entire program and all eight weeks.

Max Out Cardio.

Week 4. Max Out Cardio.

Week 4. Max Out Cardio.

Max Out: 15:55

I’m so glad I made it half way. Last week I was only at 13:40 so I wasn’t sure I would be able to push through this week and make it past that half way mark. But I did. And I am so glad that I did but I’m also glad to have this behind me.

Max Out Power

Week 4. Max Out Power.

Week 4. Max Out Power.

Max Out: 12:32

In an unfortunate turn of events I was not able to actually progress with this particular workout. I don’t know why or how it got me so bad but I got completely stuck at the 12:32 mark. Those plyo push ups are killer for me and that circuit really whooped my behind.

Max Out Sweat

Week 4. Max Out Sweat.

Week 4. Max Out Sweat.

Max Out: 14:28

I’m happy with my progress for this workout since I was able to gain just under 2 minutes on my max out time. I hate the power moves during this workout but I do really enjoy Max Out Sweat so I always feel good – albeit sore – when I finish this one.

Max Out Strength

Week 4. Max Out Strength.

Week 4. Max Out Strength.

Max Out: 12:32

Between the regular push ups and tricep push ups my arms are done-zo after this one. But I was able to get just a little farther than last week so I’m happy with the fact that I made any progress for this one since I wasn’t able to make any progress on my time during the Power workout.

Friday Night Fight. Round 2.

Week 4. Friday Night Fight. Round 2.

Week 4. Friday Night Fight. Round 2.

Max Out: 16:11

WHAT! 16 minutes? That’s right. Huge progress over last week. Almost 4 minutes. I feel awesome about that. It was a great way to end this challenge that is for sure.

Overall thoughts.

I am so glad I took this challenge on, but I am also so glad it is over. I’ve said it over and over throughout all these weeks – I feel like I am getting stronger and better every single day. This definitely took me to a new level of fitness and I’m so happy with all my progress. Stay tuned for next week to see my before and after pictures.

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