I couldn’t live without

This week I’m jumping for joy and can’t live without Apple Blossom Festival! I talked about it yesterday and how we Uncorked the Bloom last weekend which is my favorite weekend except now that I’ve had the chance to take Sydney to the carnival and see her excitement over the simplest rides I think seeing her reaction to this festival will be my new favorite part of Apple Blossom.

Since it was a nice day we went to the carnival and took Sydney on her first big girl ride (that isn’t located at the mall). I wasn’t sure how she would react to them but she did awesome.

Ready for her first ride

Ready for her first ride

She was so excited about riding the train and then was a little disappointed that we just missed it and would have to wait our turn. She waited patiently, but she did try to go through the gate a few times so that it would be her turn haha.



We also got to ride “the ponies” (the carousel) and she loved that one so much that we had to ride it again right away and she was not interested at all in waiting in line or even waiting for me to get our tickets out so we could get back on!

Happiness is a girl and her pony

Happiness is a girl and her pony

This weekend we’ll be taking her to her first parade as part of the festival and there will be actual fire trucks (which are super exciting to her right now) and we’ll be hanging out at the fire house in town so I think she will be really excited about that.


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