Hi There.

What is this? Two blog posts in ONE day? I know. It’s madness. I never post that much but I’m taking on a fun and exciting challenge for May with Belinda over at Found Love Now What. I have been reading her blog for a few months and love it and this month she’s invited her readers to join her in a blogging every day in May challenge. I have been feeling like I need some new material to write about and really liked a lot of her prompts so I’m going to give it a go. I may not use them all and mix in some of my own ideas in there but I’m definitely going to try and blog every day for all 31 days of May. Whew! Sounds like a fun challenge but it’ll definitely be a challenge for me.

Anyway…. Day 1 prompt is to introduce yourself. So here we are.

Me and my girl

Me and my girl

My name is Carrie. Nice to meet you. I blog for fun because I enjoy writing which is the English Major in me. I do a lot of writing as part of my professional career. I dream of one day being able to write “for fun” as a living but I guess we’ll just have to see how life works out.

I think if I asked anyone to describe me I’d like them to use these words: happy, strong, and funny. That’s how I see myself. I’m there are probably a few other words people would use to describe me but these are the qualities that I think I have that I like most about myself. Everyone – myself included – can find a negative thing to say about everything but I’m trying to look for happy and positive things in life these days. I think trying to focus on the happy is helping me to be happier. I’m also strong because I work hard to be. And who doesn’t think they are funny? I know I’m hilarious – especially once you have some wine in me 😉

Fit mama

Fit mama

One of my passions in life is fitness and keeping in shape. I work out for at least 30 minutes a day and chase a toddler around the house for as long as she is laughing. I really enjoy getting my heart rate up but I love even more the great example I’m setting for my daughter by eating healthy and working out  on a regular basis. I don’t make any of my healthy habits about anything more than being healthy because I want her to grow up with a healthy idea surrounding food and exercise. I typically write a Fit Friday post about the latest exercise program I’m working on. Right now you can follow along with my journey through the T25 program if you’re interested.

Early morning cuddles

Early morning cuddles

I have a two and a half (what?!) year old little girl who is the absolute light of my life. She is funny and has an imagination that surprises me on most days because I just can’t believe she’s turning in to a little girl and not a baby anymore. She is so much fun to play with and I could listen to her laugh for days. I actually recorded her laughing because I love that sound so much (so much that I’ll do nearly anything to make it happen).

looking at the ducks

looking at the ducks

I have a puppy that is more like an old man because he’ll be 11 in August. ELEVEN. I can’t even believe that. I’ve had him since he was 4 months old and it’s just hard to believe that was about 10 years ago. He was my first baby and he’ll always be my cuddle bug.

Me and my boy

Me and my boy

Hmm…what else? Well, I’m a native to Virginia. I believe that is a rarity these days because a lot of people I know here are surprised to find out that I was born here and have lived here my whole life. I always thought I would move far, far away from this place but when the time came to move I couldn’t bring myself to go very far. We ended up a little west of where I grew up, but we’re in the process of moving back to where I grew up because it is closer to our family and work. I’m excited about moving but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little sad about leaving the home we brought our girl home to. There will be new memories to be made in a new home, but I’m a sentimental person and there will be a lot of tears as I back out of our driveway for the last time I know that for sure.

I think that’s probably enough for now… there are a whole lot of topics I’ll be covering this month with Blog Everyday in May and I’m really excited to dive deep and really stretch my blogging legs. I’m also excited about finding new blogs to read and maybe adding a few new readers to my little site.


Found Love. Now What?

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