Travel Bucket List.

Good morning and happy Sunday everyone! I’m here today talking about my travel bucket list. I had to put some real thought in to this list to narrow it down because I have a lot of places I’d really like to see in my life. I guess I could have said “the world” and been done with it but that doesn’t seem like a lot of fun now does it?

One: Disney

I know. You’re probably asking why this is on the top of my list. Of all places, Disney is number one? I’ve been to both Disney Land and Disney World so why would it even make my list? Because Sydney is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Club House and I’m sure there will be much Disney love in my future and I cannot wait to take her to Disney and see her face experience this place and all of its magic and wonder.

Two: Ireland.

My Nana was Irish and very proud of it. I remember this one time she discovered there was this book about her Irish Clan and she wanted to buy it. The only problem with that was it was only sold at this tiny bookstore IN Ireland and this was well before shopping online. I figured out a way to get in contact with the bookstore and managed to work out a way for me to buy her that book. She was SO thrilled that I had done that and so impressed that it was possible. I have always wanted to visit this beautiful country and if I ever have the chance to go there I will be on the first plane out of town. There is just something about the castles, the green, the ocean, the old history, and the culture that draws me in and allows me to dream big about spending a lot of time exploring the wonderful country.

Three: Australia.

This is another beautiful country I have always dreamed of visiting. The scenery is amazing even in pictures which is definitely an indication that it would be breathtaking to see in person. I’m sure I would have to spend about a month there to explore everything there is to explore. I think I’d like to take some time exploring the Outback and then the city and then spend some time relaxing on the beautiful beaches. Obviously I would have to make a stop at the Sydney Opera House for a photo op. I also hear there is some pretty good wine that I would need to make sure I got a good sampling of while I was there. Honestly, I got a little distracted on a tourism page just looking at all the things to do when you visit that it makes me want to go so much more. One day.

Four: Hawaii. 

I’m not a huge fan of beaches but I think there is something to be said about the beaches in Hawaii. I would like to travel to Hawaii simply for the relaxing I could do on the beautiful beaches. I know there is a ton of exploring to do around the many different islands that it makes it hard to narrow down just what I would do. I do know I would make a stop at Dole because an old coworker of mine brought back some goodies from there and they were delicious. Thinking about the chocolate covered pineapple makes my mouth water. I think I would also like to try and dive a bit more in to my adventurous side and maybe do a few fun things in the water and maybe even some hiking on a volcano or two. The possibilities seem endless when you think about everything Hawaii has to offer.

I’m sure that any vacation to any of these destinations would make my heart happy. I guess I’ll have to get to saving my pennies to make at least one of them happen because now I’m all distracted by several tourism pages open in my other browser. I’m off to dream big! Where do you dream of going? I’d love to check out your travel bucket list to get some more ideas for my own!

I’m linking up with Belinda over at Found Love Now What with her Blog Everyday in May challenge and I’m having so much fun!


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