Never have I ever…

I bet you think this is going to get crazy kind of like the drinking game? Well, you’re wrong.

In the spirit of the Blog Every Day in May prompt for today I’m going to talk about one thing that I’ve never done. And I’m keeping it clean. Because this is the internet and you never know who will stumble upon what and let’s face it I’m not putting anything out on the internet that would make my grandmother blush.

So… Never Have I Ever….

….gotten a tattoo.

And I really want one. I have been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo of Sydney’s name on my wrist since I was pregnant with her. Now all I need is the guts to actually do it. I’m mostly afraid of the pain. I’ve always said I’d never get a tattoo because I just didn’t think there was anything that I would want permanently on my body… but I know I would never regret putting Sydney’s name on me because it isn’t something I would grow out of. I like this style, on the wrist because it is tasteful and simple.

Maybe one day… 

What’s one thing you’ve never done but really want to?


Found Love. Now What?

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