Fit Friday: T25 – Alpha Week 4.

Hello and happy Friday all! Are you guys as happy as I am that the weather is warming up? I think my program overview is perfect for today because it will definitely help you look good for bathing suit season. Really, T25 itself is a killer to helping you be summer ready but also fall, winter, and spring ready too! I can say I’m more confident in everything I wear thanks to all the results that my hard work has given me. I’ve never felt this great about myself and I’ve also never been in as good of shape or felt this healthy. It’s amazing how much a little hard work can change your life. TWENTY FIVE MINUTES A DAY. That’s all the time I’m putting in to this awesome feeling about myself. Do you have 25 minutes a day to feel this awesome? I bet you do. Anyway…let’s see how I’m feeling this week, shall we?

Week 4 Thoughts.

Like I kind of boasted about up there I am definitely feeling stronger this week. Stronger, healthier, fitter, better. All words I would use to describe myself this week. I’m even noticing that my arms are becoming less and less weak and I’m getting stronger in the plank/push up moves. Those always give me trouble and I’ll be happy when I don’t say that anymore. I’m seeing more and more definition as the days go by and that makes me feel better about setting aside the time to take care of myself like this.

Sydney loves to workout with Mommy so we spend a lot of my workouts like this. You might think she would be in my way or something, but really I love that she sees me taking care of myself and wants in on the action. I hope she grows up wanting to be strong like Mommy because I hope that is the example I’m setting for her (I make certain never to criticize myself or my body in front of her. I don’t generally do that anyway so it isn’t hard for me to not do it around her. And I call working out “getting strong” because that is my goal – to be strong.)

Working out with Mommy

Working out with Mommy

Program Highlight: Ab Intervals.

This is a complete ab workout. As if you would expect anything less from a program like this. But I mean that in the way that you are working your core, upper abs, lower abs, and back core muscles. It is an intense, ab interval workout. There are periods of cardio recovery that help to give your ab/core a little break (and by little, I do mean little). My ab/core muscles definitely feel worked out at the end of the program but the cardio recovery helps you to work up a great sweat during the workout.

I love working out my core muscles so I love this workout. I think it is important to have a strong core because it helps you in more ways than you probably realize. Strong core muscles can help to relieve and if you’re lucky enough not to have suffered lower back pain then keeping a strong core can help to prevent lower back injuries and aches. Your core stabilizes your body, allowing you to move in any direction or stand in one spot without losing your balance. Basically, core exercises can lessen your risk of falling and if you’re like me you’re a tiny bit clumsy (I fall UP stairs) so having a strong core and good balance is really important! Now, I’m not saying you should completely focus on your ab muscles and forget about everything else. Core muscles are important, but they’re only part of your body. It’s important to find yourself a healthy regimen that focuses on your complete body and work as much as your body will let you. I just wanted to throw in some tidbits I have learned about how important your core is to help you realize that working towards a “ripped” stomach is really helping you in many ways.


Interested in learning more about Beachbody or taking the plunge and trying Focus T25 yourself and working through the program with me? Check out my Coach’s page and I’ll be more than happy to give you advice and answer any questions you may have.


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