Pool Days.

My brother is spending his summer lifeguarding at the local pool. He did this last year and I’m really excited he’s doing it again this year. Sydney is LOVING the pool this year and she’s extra excited to be able to spend time with Uncle George while we’re there.

I’m also pretty excited to have this be my summer view after  long day at the office and on the weekend.

Summer view.

Summer view.

We didn’t get to spend much time at the pool last summer and I kind of regretted it because Sydney did enjoy what little time we did spend in the pool. I think this year we will really have a lot of fun because George’s pool is geared for kids and the deepest part is only 3 1/2 feet and you can bring all kinds of toys and floating devices so Sydney can “swim” in her raft and play with toys and there’s so much shallow area that she can walk around without much fear. It’s pretty awesome.

Pool time with Mama

Pool time with Mama


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