VoxBox Review: Weight Watchers Ice Cream

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes but the opinions expressed are strictly my own. 

I know. An ice cream review. How counter intuitive to all of my Fit Friday posts, right? Well, this isn’t just any ice cream review… it’s a review for Weight Watchers ice cream. It’s a healthy ice cream. You can indulge and also still be mindful of your healthy eating habits. That is a win-win. Plus they are delicious so win-win-win.

You can't beat a healthy, sweet treat!

You can’t beat a healthy, sweet treat!

I was so excited to be apart of this campaign because I looooove ice cream so much but I also really do try to both watch what I eat and be mindful of what I feed Sydney. I want her to grow up with healthy eating habits but I don’t want her to never experience the sweeter things in life so these give us the best of both worlds.

Picking out her ice cream treat

Picking out her ice cream treat

Sydney is of an age in which she realizes she has her own opinion so I let her pick out her own ice cream. She was so excited about it that she carried her ice cream around the store and she wanted to open it as soon as we got home. So I let her because why not, right? The whole point of this campaign is to try to the ice cream.

What? Let me eat my ice cream in peace

What? Let me eat my ice cream in peace

She was not excited about the pictures but she was very excited about the ice cream. She wanted one with a cone so a cone she got. She loved it and Buddy was very disappointed that he wasn’t even offered a morsel of this ice cream cone (because he loves ice cream too!).

If you’re looking for a sweet treat this summer that isn’t going to ruin your diet or your healthy habits then this is the ice cream you are looking for. What are you waiting for? Run out and pick yourself up some ice cream and enjoy a summer evening outside with some ice cream. I know I’ll be heading back to the store to pick up some of the other flavors once I run out of the ones I have.


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