Fit Friday: T25 – Beta Week 2

Whew! What a week. T25 is really kicking my bootay and making me work real hard to make that bootay look amazing. So I guess I can’t complain because I am loving what I see when I look in the mirror and I’m loving how I feel after an amazing workout. It’s win-win and I have Beachbody and T25 to thank for that. I’m so glad I found this program and that I am sticking with it to change my life.

Week 2 thoughts.

I nailed week 2. NAILED IT. I put a lot of effort and energy in to my workouts this week and I always felt great (& sweaty!) at the end of those 25 minutes. I’m noticing an increased amount of energy – especially when I start my day with a workout. I love how much better I feel just because I’ve incorporated a short workout in to my daily routine. It’s amazing how much more active I am just because I workout. I know this shouldn’t be a new realization because I have been working out for months but I guess when I stopped to think about it I realized that I’ve been so much more active this year in general because I have worked out almost every day.

What's up muscles.

What’s up muscles.

Program Highlight: Rip’t Circuit. 

Rip’t Circuit is the first time we use weights with the T25 program. Rip’t Circuit focuses on the whole body and using the weights adds a new level of difficulty that we didn’t get in Total Body Circuit in Alpha. I’m really looking forward to the results I get from this one at the end of this month. Definition for days!!


Interested in learning more about Beachbody or taking the plunge and trying Focus T25 yourself and working through the program with me? Check out my Coach’s page and I’ll be more than happy to give you advice and answer any questions you may have.


2 thoughts on “Fit Friday: T25 – Beta Week 2

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