Fit Friday: T25 – Gamma Week 1

GAMMA PHASE! Oh boy. First I can’t even believe I’ve completed TEN weeks of this program. With 5 Alpha Weeks and 5 Beta Weeks behind me I’m so excited to move on to Gamma phase. I’ve done T25 before but I’ve never done Gamma so I had NO idea what to expect when I came in to it. So far I’m really liking the programs and stoked to see how amazing I look when this is over.

I'm strong and I know it.

I’m strong and I know it.

Week 1 thoughts.

Gamma phase puts a LOT of focus on strength and definition. It’s definitely different from Alpha and Beta because there is much more strength training and weight work than cardio. There is cardio in Speed 3.0, but I really enjoy the weight work because I have always felt like I needed more of that. I have a good feeling about this portion of the program and I feel like I will benefit from it immensely. I’m already noticing some of my muscles are stronger than I realized they were – like my triceps because I’ve always had a terrible time doing tricep dips but apparently I’ve got stronger arms than I’ve given myself credit for.

Program Highlight: The Pyramid.

Whoa. This is a different T25 workout for sure. I had NO idea what to expect but I loved it so, so much. I’m not sure if I will explain it well but I’m going to do my best. The name says it all – you are doing a pyramid of reps for each exercise. For instance, if you’re doing 8 reps of pike ups then you do 1 pike up, then 2 pike ups, then 3, then 4… all the way to 8. You are definitely working out your entire body with this workout. There is a lot of focus on your arms and also you are using your weights a lot. The focus with The Pyramid is endurance and strength and I feel like I got both of those at the completion of this program each time.


Interested in learning more about Beachbody or taking the plunge and trying Focus T25 yourself and working through the program with me? Check out my Coach’s page and I’ll be more than happy to give you advice and answer any questions you may have.


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