Coffee Talk

Coffee = love.

Coffee = love.

Just a random collection of thoughts I would probably share with you over a cup of coffee…

…this was my Nana’s mug and when I use it for coffee I feel like I’m having a cup of coffee with her (even though she was a tea drinker)

…I found a new coffee creamer I’m really loving. Silk Almond Milk creamer. Of all things. A year ago I would have scoffed at the idea of even trying almond milk, and now I can’t get enough of it.

…I can’t put Almond Milk in my cereal though. Whole milk all the way. Some habits are harder to break than others and this feels like one of those habits.

…I am loving my new job. I don’t talk much about what I do, because it’s not very interesting, but I enjoy it and I’m loving the hell out of this new company I’m with. I feel at home here. And it’s a nice feeling.

…I have a window in my office and I love it. I’ve never had a window before and I feel so important. It’s also nice to have a view of the outside world while I’m suck inside all day every day.

…life has been a little hard for me lately. I’ve struggled with some big life happenings and I’m having a hard time. I feel really knocked down and I’m struggling to get back up. I know I’ll get back up and I’ll dust myself off… but it’s proving harder than I thought to actually do that.

…I’m loving this summer. It hasn’t been too hot (though I could take a few less rainy days) and most days are absolutely gorgeous so we’re spending lots of time outside playing, going to the pool, taking walks, and going to the park. All great ways to spend my evening and time with my favorite girl is always a surefire way to make me happy.

…looking for a new place to live has proved to be harder than I imagined. There is a lot to consider and it feels overwhelming. I almost don’t even want to put in the energy to pick a new place to live even though that is something I really (really!) need to do.

…even though I really want to move I’m really sad about actually leaving my home. I love our home and we have so many wonderful memories there. It’s going to be extremely bittersweet.

…I am NOT looking forward to packing. I’ve been purging the heck out of my house and yet I still feel like we have so.much.stuff. I’ve been slowly packing little things here and there so I won’t be completely overwhelmed with packing all at once but still… not looking forward to it.

…I really want a piece of chocolate right now. (fit people can indulge in sweet cravings every once in a while!)

…I really need to get my hair cut and colored… but I’m not actually in the mood to sit through that.

…I’ve been working at my new job since the end of May… and I haven’t repeated an outfit once (seriously). I worked in a far more casual environment for the last several years (think jeans + t-shirts all day every day!) and it is actually nice to wear “nice clothes” to work even though I didn’t think it would be. I feel a little more adult lately.

…I recently drove by the Middle School I attended and noticed the sign out front said it was celebrating it’s 20th year. TWENTY. That’s bananas. And it makes me feel super old.

…I graduated college 10 years ago this year. Next year will be my 15th year out of high school. That also makes me feel old. That’s maddness. Because it feels like yesterday I was finally turning 16…18…21… and now? I’m creeping in to my mid-30s and that doesn’t seem as old as it used to (when I was like 16..18…21…).

…and now I’m done because that’s all I’ve got. Plus I need a cup of coffee. And a snack.




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