Fit Friday: T25 – Gamma Week 3

It’s hard to believe this is almost over. I can’t even remember the girl that I was when I started. And that girl had completed 8 weeks of Insanity Max and was feeling incredibly in shape and amazing about herself. I am really happy with my decision to take on 14 weeks of T25 right after Insanity Max because it just kept my momentum and I’m in a good place to keep it going.

Hello abs.

Hello abs.

Week 3 Thoughts.

I was a little off last week, but this week I came back strong and am feeling much better about it. I was able to get in to a good rhythm this week and I’m feeling a lot stronger because of it. I am noticing a significant amount of definition and I’m so happy with that. The fact that there is so much weight work with this phase of the program helps with that definition, but I am missing some cardio in my life. I’m looking forward to adding a cardio routine in a regular rotation after this phase is over.

Program Highlights: Extreme Circuit

Surprise! More weights! More strength! More definition! That’s a definite theme with Gamma phase and this is no different. I could barely even lift my arms at the end of this one. We did burpees with weights. Let that sink in for a second. Because it was H-A-R-D. There were some new exercises for the triceps which I found I really enjoyed where in the past I have not so much enjoyed working my triceps. The basic breakdown of this is that there are five rounds each that consist of 4 exercises each done for 1 minute at a time with a 1 minute burnout. It was intense. And amazing. And I loved every second of it.

Interested in learning more about Beachbody or taking the plunge and trying Focus T25 yourself and working through the program with me? Check out my Coach’s page and I’ll be more than happy to give you advice and answer any questions you may have.


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