Wilsons Wild Animal Park

Petting Zoo Fun

A couple weeks ago Sydney and I had a whole Saturday ahead of us with no plans and nothing to do. Since she had such a great time at the Zoo when we went this summer I thought maybe she would also enjoy a petting zoo so we headed to Wilsons Wild Animal Park.

Feeding animals

Feeding animals

Sydney was not particularly interested in feeding the animals with her hands like I did but she was plenty happy to give them access to the bag of food so it was probably a good thing we got two bags of food.



There are so many animals at this park from zebras, to alpacas, to deer, and emu, and sheep and goats and birds and chickens and so many different animals to see and feed. The animals were really friendly and so excited for all the food. We got there pretty early which made it a really nice trip since we weren’t fighting a lot of people to get access to the animals. Not that it ended up being super crowded before we left, but there did end up being quite a bit of people by the time we left.

Camel selfies

Camel selfies

I couldn’t resist this guy. He was so friendly that I couldn’t resist taking a selfie with him. It took a few tries but we finally got it and I’m pretty glad he didn’t try to like eat my hair or anything.

Me and my girl

Me and my girl

She really had a blast and I loved every second of her excitement over all the animals. We had such a great day and Sydney is at such a fun age that these little adventures of ours are definitely something I greatly look forward to.


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