Life lately.

Just a couple random things happening around these parts.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Sydney got a few (small!) presents because I can’t help myself at the Target Dollar Spot. She was really excited to see the presents on the table and was even more excited when they were for her (because we recently celebrated my Dad’s birthday and while she got to help open presents they weren’t for her and I don’t think she understood what that was all about).

That face.

That face.

I wish I had actually captured her face straight on because it was really cute. I love her excited face. And she’s this excited over a book. I love that even more. I am pretty excited that we’re raising a reader – we’re pretty much all readers and we read to her a lot so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that she likes to read, but it is a welcomed one. She even asks to go to bed with books and will “read” them to herself after we leave the room. Since we read some of the same books over and over again at night she seems to have a couple words memorized and she will say random words from the book as she flips the pages (though I don’t know if she has the pages correct because I can’t see the pages on the monitor).



She’s been starting to play games with us. It’s really cute. She loves to hide – mostly she will hid under a blanket or just behind her hands waiting for us to ask “Where’s Sydney” and then she will reveal herself and laugh at all the excitement that happens when she is found. She also likes for us to hide and she goes “uh oh, where mommy” getting equally as excited when we are “found.” I am really loving this toddler playing stage of life right now.



I just love her and that cheese face.




Currently I am….

loving… this fall and everything related to it. Fall food, activities, clothes… I love fall.

reading… nothing. sadly. I just finished a book and started reading Gone Girl, but that definitely did not even capture my attention at all and I found myself so completely bored that I put it down. I did just get The Fault in Our Starts and one night when I’m not completely exhausted I’ll be starting that.

writing… invitations to Sydney’s 2nd birthday. We’re not doing anything huge but I really need to get these things out already.

watching… we’re trying (struggling) to catch up on our DVR shows. Somehow they got all kinds of out of control and it feels like we’re never going to catch up. Plus we still have some straggling summer shows and it’s definitely a first world problem over here

craving… the taste of fall which is currently being found in my obsession…

obsessing... over the deliciousness that is the honeycrisp apple and anything pumpkin.

wishing…. I would hear a few decisions I’m waiting on.

needing…. to get my Purge On… for real. I’ve been putting off my Great Purge and I really need to get that moving again.

wanting… something… new… Better.  Easier. More fun. Life is full of some suck lately and it’s feeling a little stagnant and I’m over that.

trying…. to stay positive. we’ve had a few things come to our attention and it’s not been easy to stay positive when it feels like everything is going wrong

feeling… a little conflicted. It’s complicated and it has to do with some things I can’t really talk about but I will be able to soon (hopefully!) so bear with me…

eating…. right now? it’s Buckeyes a girl from work brought in but lately it’s been apples and pumpkin everything.

drinking… red wine. I’m normally a white wine girl, but lately I’ve been loving some red. Especially my Valerie Hill Stone Chimney Red

wearing… jeans and a black/white striped shirt.