Throwback Thursday.

Because I can think of nothing better today than going through some old photos. I love taking pictures and capturing those memories. Sometimes, looking back, you think you look stupid but you always remember what fun you had. Old pictures always make me miss “the good old days” when life was a little more carefree and how, even though I think I might, I’d never change any thing I did for any thing in the world.

HOORAY! It's Senior Year.

It’s Senior Year.

Senior year. We were on top of the world. We were finally about to get the hell out and be for real adults.



If we only knew what being an adult was really all about I don’t think any of us would have been in such a rush.

But first? We had some fun.

We are exactly what you think we are.

What? We’re not drunk.

But yes we were. And we were totally being “sneaky” about it by being super loud in the kitchen right below where my parents slept. Looking back, they totally knew, but then? We thought we were soooo sneaky.

(also, who knew that a decade later we’d actually be the family we always considered each other to be?)

My girls <3

My girls ❤

If it’s one thing I really do miss about being in school, it’s definitely seeing my best friends every day. Now? Two of them live in completely different states and I just never see the other because life just gets in the way.

And then there’s this guy.

My Blake.

My Blake.

He was the guy with all the girl friends. And he loved it. And we loved him. And he made everything much funnier than it would have been without him.

I’m not sure what got me all thinking about high school today, but these four people. My friends. They made high school so much fun. And they’re really the only people that stayed around long after the diplomas were handed out and life took us in different directions. They’re my people. And I am so glad they are.