Wordless Wednesday.

When did my baby get so big?

She's getting so big!

She’s getting so big!

It’s crazy to see how much she’s grown over the last 2 years. She’s definitely my big girl now, but she’ll always be my baby.


Not so Wordless Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is enjoying their weeks. I’m on to my second week at my new job and I’m loving it. I’m sure the days will come that aren’t so lovable, because every job has those days, but for now I feel incredibly valued and challenged. It feels oh so right and I’m so happy I was able to score such a great opportunity.

It does leave me with a little less to blog about because I’m getting home later so all I really want to be doing is playing (& cuddling!) with Sydney and enjoying family time.


I was hoping to have a very fun post about this tree lighting we went to but it rained so we didn’t go because standing in the rain sounded like exactly zero fun. We did spend a little bit of time at MyGym celebrating our friends twin girl’s birthday!


Sydney is definitely a shy girl and didn’t really participate in the group activities, but she seemed to enjoy playing none the less. I’m hoping she comes out of her shell more as she gets a little older and spends more time with other kids her age. We’ll see, there’s nothing wrong with being shy – I know I can be!


And that’s basically what’s been going on around here. I know, super exciting. I hope you all have a super rest of the week! Until next time.